Anyone know any good software that can be used to analyze log files from iis. Or create their own log files? Example...
You got a web server running on iis and you want to know how many megs you transferred in a day or whatever. Or you want to know what part of your site was the most popular. Anyone know any software that does this?

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The linux server hosting this site uses wusage ... but I guess that doesn't exactly help you now does it ;)

well.. there IS a version of wusage for 9x and NT.. but wusage sucks, and i wouldnt recommend it. ;D


knalb's right, it does suck, but oh well! It's the only thing I have at the moment that is free, already set up for me, doesn't require any extra code on any of my pages, and most importantly doesn't require any sort of ad on any of my pages.

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