Same with my name.. Ironically, the string generator spit out my first name and first three letter of my last name.. hmmm...

What is it with people and string generators?

I just buy my ball of yarn from the shops. :cool:

And exactly how many stories does it contain?

Yeah Josh...haha.That's really gonna be so random that it puts those letters together.....impossible.:P

No, just highly improbable. Remember, if it truly is random, then the patterns with meaning are just as likely to occur (1 chance in many?) as the meaningless patterns.

Or, in other words, a random letter producer is just as likely to throw out joshSCH as aaaaaaa, BodoNeE, pAFdOJS, KUMQUAT, or any other set of seven randomly-cased letters: 1 chance in (52)^7. It's just that some of those combinations will have valid meanings.

Its just as likely to produce 'joshSCH' as it is 'F***Wit'

a road name were my folks live

manal is my real name :)

commented: iamthwee is a rotten a** +3
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commented: Your parents shuda dropped the 'm' - it would have been more appropriate. +13


nichito is the spanish diminutive for my real nickname (it was already taken :(), which is Niche, which means the same as the 'N' word, which is a hyperbole describing the color of my skin, which is a deep tanned color...

actually, there's more people that know me as "Niche" than people that know me for my real name...

Name picked for another site; I've generally used it on most of those I sign up for. I keep it because I like the 'indirect' connotation it picked up somewhere along the way.

I keep thinking of Ender's Game and Xenophobia when I see your name. i really liked that book - so despite all your faults, I still feel generally favorable towards you (heh,.Heh)

Its my first name the and the first letter of my last. Cleverness?

mine is not so creative. my first intial and my last name. I have no imagination when it comes to this

Hmmm.. just a string randomizer ;-)

Serunson, is my Game name for BF2142, BF2, COD4, and C&C3.
I made it up while at college thinking of game names one boring lesson. :P
Also i use Lord Serunson, i really want to be a Lord so i added it to look cool :)

Lord Serunson, did the Queen make you a Lord? Now that would be cool!

Hmmm.. just a string randomizer ;-)

Cute! Let's hope you are nicer then the other josh we have posting here.

Lord Serunson, did the Queen make you a Lord? Now that would be cool!

I wish she would.
But you can get a lordship quite easily by buying a piece of land with one attached to it. If i have money when i'm older, i shall do that ;)

or through the cash for honours scandal ;) just donate money to the labour party and youll get a peerage