Hello i am new to this site and a newbie in the whole computer science field. I have a toshiba Satellite laptop...and at times it gives me the error IDE #1 ERROR. This occurs some of the time. Meaning sometimes it gives me this message and at other times, it doesnt. When i get this error, my cd/dvd drive doesnt work.... What is the solution to this issue....
Thanks in advance.....

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Could be a bad connection pull out the CD ROM and make sure it is clean.Also could just be your CD ROM is going bad.

I get this intermittently on my dell desktop. Its done it since it was brand new. Unplugging and replugging all the drive cables usually fixes it. Its a wierd bug.

Yes it sounds like a loose IDE cable. Be sure to contact the manufacture to find out where the cable can be located.

Only thing on a laptop the plug in for the drive is integrated on the board no cables.

Ok thanks..... how do u take out the cd/dvd drive out of the toshiba satellite series laptop.....cause i have been trying to figure it out..but no progress....
Thanks again in advance

Check the manual. on most laptops you slide a switch and a level comes out which you can pull it with in order to swap it for floppy or battery

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