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I have fallen into a the trap of being a "jack of all trades, master of none". Meaning I can do Windows server admin, Exchange admin, router configs, desktop support, etc, but I do not specialize in one area. In the past this hasn't hinder me finding positions but since being out of the IT field for 5 years I'm a bit behind. I have been working for the last 6 months as a IT support tech and have begun to sharpen my skills again but I need to relocate back to the Philadelphia area to maximize my earning potential and it seems like most of the higher paying jobs are more specialized.

My question is should I market myself to employers as a jack of all trades or pick a skill and run with that. Any advice or suggestions on the hot skills to have would be appreciated.



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hey frnd from wher u r ....in india or outside ....if in india ...then wher

You can now get focused by getting some certification like CCNA,MCSE,SAP,Oracle ,etc.

I would try to focus on one or two areas that you enjoy the most. While you should still mention your other skills on your resume - more skill is always better, make sure one or two stand out as being prominent. Talk about your experience with those more than your secondary skills, or maybe even categorize them, by having two separate areas: One that says, "Specialty Skills" and another that says "Secondary Skills"

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