Hi All,

I'm sure we have all come accross this problem before when Bobby validating for accessibility:

"Seperate adjacent links with more than white space"

- We all know that there are various ways around this, but I have come up with a funky solution.

Basically, inserting a seperating bar | (even though not part of the design), inside its own span, and then hiding that span with CSS...

For regular users there is a border-right seperator, so by adding a bar and hiding it with CSS we see one seperating bar between links with or without CSS - surely meaning the best of both worlds, as all user groups will have a seperating bar helping accessibilty i.e. the visually impaired using a standard browser, those using screen readers, as well of courseas the regular user.

What do you guys think? Any feedback?


They do similar things so that people with screen readers know where table cells end in scoreboards etc..

Thanks for the feedback jbennet,

Ok so it may not be a new concept (darn it, thought I was going to be famous! lol not), but it is an accepted method amongst the accessible web community?

I only ask because I know my boss will...

Thanks again for any replies.

im pretty sure my lecturer mentioned it

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