Hey everyone,
New to this board but not to tech boards elsewhere. I just started working for a small manufacturing company in Ma., but live just over the border in RI. I'm loking for some help, but I'll post that in the proper board.
While I'm here, let me inform\vent about my state of occupation, Rhode Island.

"Not for nuttin' but"
Is a phrase you hear continually here in the smallest state in the union..
A very Italian kind of state..
Some of the best restaurants in the country can be found here. I can state that with some authority having traveled fairly widely and my first career having been in food service.
If you've ever lived here or been exposed to the good folks here, you understand how great a people they are but at the same time how exasperating they can be. As a transplant, (unless you are born here you can never truly be a "vo dilander"), I find their little anachronisms quaint but truly unbelieveble.
If they have to travel more than 10 minutes by car it's a big deal that they have to go "that far"
If, while going to more than one destination, you space out and go past one of your stops then "you passed it and you can't go back"
There is apparently a 2 second rule in effect about red lights. While stopped at a red light, you see the light turn green, wait for 2 seconds, you will invariably have someone run the light. The first time I knew it was a RI law was when I was at a stoplight downtown in Providence sitting next to a police car. The light turned green, I was about to go thru the light when a car whipped thru the light. Not only was he running a red light, he was speeding to make it!!! I turned to watch the cop give chase and saw him shake his head and go on about his day..
Well enough for now about my adopted state, I look forward to participating in this here fine establishment, and now, barkeep!, drinks for everyone!!

Hi there! Welcome to DaniWeb. May I ask where you are originally from?

Welllll... let's see,
I was born in Caracas, Venezuela to an American father working at the American Embassy and a Canadian mother working for one of the bigger oil companies...(she had been an OR nurse but left because a Doctor was pursuing her to aggressivly). I've lived in South Carolina, California, Georgia, but for he most part, grew up in and did most of my schooling in Massachusetts. The other places I've lived in over the last 25 years.

Nice intro, good to have you with us!

Hi.. Welcome To Daniweb friend :)

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