Hi, I am looking for information on keyloggers. I have searched through number of google sites but they all seem a bit controversial so I came here.

My bf and I have been having some problems lately and every day the cookies and cache are cleared (on my computer because its the better one and he uses it more then I do) and last week I caught him downloading porn and going to porn sites and flirting with other women....possibly cheating because while im at work there is a different "smell" in the house...he says him and his friends were over watching some tv...but this is the smell of perfume or hairspray or something else. This really was the last straw for me...I cannot trust this man and its driving me crazy.. I don't want to live like this with him. We had a talk about this, I really let him know how I felt and he didnt promise me he wouldnt stop he said 'thats up to you' ... now since everything is cleared when I get home it makes me believe that hes doing this again/still.

I know a little bit about keyloggers, I know they can be embedded into an exe file, and apparently in jpgs (but its harder to do). I know there is alot of free software on the net but alot of them too are detectable. My bf runs a scanner every day and gets up before I do so I need assistance with making this keylogger work without having him knowing its there.

My bf is a really nerdy guy, he knows alot about computers which is going to make this tricky...but I am dedicated to learning because this could make or break this relationship and I cant live 'wondering' all the time.

Any help would be appreciated in leading me into the right direction.

Thank You


Creating Trojans to mask the presence of monitoring software falls under the "Keep It Legal" rule in place here. Despite your personal situation, I don't think anything positive will come from this thread, and I also think it's in DaniWeb's best interests to prevent discussion on this subject. If a higher-up here disagrees with me, they can reopen this thread, but for now, I'm closing it.