I have two computers...1 running windows vista home premium, and the other running windows professional 2000. I want to set up a remote desktop connection so that I don't have to keep switching between the two computers.

The windows vista home premium computer would be the host, and the windows 2000 computer would be the client.

Is there anyone that can help me, as I've tried to connect the two together but have been unsuccessful in my attempts!

Also, is there a way in which I could connect to the computer remotely via the internet? (Both computers have an internet connection provided via wireless adapters connected to a wireless router)



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Hi Steven,

First check the Remote Desktop Access is Enabled on Windows 2000 or not (Under System properties).
Or if Remote Desktop is not installed then you need to install it first on Client computer.

Thanks thunderstorm98,

I have installed remote desktop on the windows 2000 computer, now what do I do?

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Iam really sorry for the late.

In Windows 2000 please check the Remote Desktop Access is Enabled or not under Mycomputer properties> Remote (afar i think may be this settings are there in Windows 2000).
From the Host computer run Remote Desktop Wizard and type the IP Address of the client Machine and press 'Connect'.

Please assure both PC's are connected properly or not before doing this.

make sure there is connectivity between computers. if there are firewalls - either diable them or open port 3389.
also, not sure if vista home premium will support rdp connection, it's a HOME edition after all

Use real vnc.

oh yeah, there are quite a few solutions out there

could i do it by connecting the two computers together with a cable in the local area connection ports???

use crosscable

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