Hi Everyone,

My name is Maydhya (25 yrs) and I am from the the last island in the Chain of Caribbean Islands called Trinidad and Tobago.
I got my BSc (Hons) in Computing 2 years ago. This year, for the first time, I am working in the IT Department and i have to use what I learnt in school, but it can be challanging at times...I sure do hope that this site can help me as much as needed, and of courrse, one must not only expect to receive, but give also...so I would try my best to help out wherever I can too...
I stumbled upon this site when searching for a way to hide the command window when executing a batch file running a Java application, and this seems like a really interesting site to be included in hence my joining...
Well do take care for now...

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Welcome to DaniWeb -- glad to see that you found us :)

>>but it can be challanging at times...
It always is challenging. Getting that degree only gave you the tools you need to start, now the real learning will begin, and its a life-long effort. :)

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