Im a multimedia student and looking for my first laptop, Its going to need to be pretty high spec something roughly around:

• Intel Centrino Core 2 Duo processor or AMD Turion 64 X2
• Windows Vista Home Premium
• 1/2Gb memory
• hard drive capacity of between 100 and 400Gb
• up to 6 USB ports maybe a Firewire port
• dual layer DVD rewriter
• 15.4”, 17” or 20” widescreen display
• wireless enabled

I think this is capable for video editing, game developing and mainly a lot of multi-tasking.. Im just wondering can i get somethin that high spec for £400 or under? If then as close to the spec as possible,



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You're going to be pushing it. Best bet might be an Acer, though Dell is a good bet if you want to spend a tad extra. I priced out an Inspiron on Dell's UK site and it came to about £450 with specs on the lower end of what you're looking for.

Safest way to make sure you have the performance you're looking for would be to get a system more around the £500-£600 range.

Did find a deal on their 17" model though

let me know if you're looking for any more direction


Thanks for the research into it and especially the link, i have a pretty powerful desktop which i could do thing like video editing anyways it would just be a bonus if my laptop could do it tho this looks like an exellent find and i'll probably go for it...


Its not a steal, but the pricing seems about right if those are the specs you're looking for. Personally I'm an AMD guy, so I would recommend that Dell over this one, but its your call. I think you'd be happy with either purchase.

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