In our office we have nearly 45 staff.. They all know the different domain ftp password they use to upload and download the files by them self. it has been misused. Now we want to restrict the ftp access from outside the office.

We have shared hosting where we can't give IP restriction in the server. So we need a solution where our staff can't access our server through FTP from outside the company.

I need a solution like with local user name and password it should connect the local server and in that server it should recognize the correct domain and connect the server and upload and download the files. ( In the local server already the original user name and password must be entered )

I need a software which works like this.

Lan ftp <----> Local FTP server<----> Wan ftp

lan ftp should have different user name and password wan ftp should have different user name and password for the same domain.

Is there any solution for ftp works like proxy+ mail?

Thank you in advance...

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I'm not a networking guy, but can't this be done through a router on the WAN -> Local level? Perhaps looking into a firewall might help.

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