Hi all!

I hope someone can help me. My computer is showing a network connection but when we try to get into internet explorer it won't let us. It's saying we may not be connected to the internet. When this happened before I did a ipconfig/all to get our IP address and then typed that into connections, but this time it's not working.

Pleas help!


go back into connections and make sure you have the correct ip address if you are using static ip also check gateway and DNS, but, if you are using DHCP then set it to obtain ip automatically also set DNS to obtain automatically
next run winsockfix and see if that helps. you can get winsockfix from here


this is assuming you connect directly and not through a router, if you connect through a router try rebooting router if this does not help then try taken the router out of line and connect directly.

When I do an ipconfig/all which IP address should be showing as mine. I have no idea what DHS or gateway means, or DHCP. Can you explain a little further? I am totally computer illiterate.

How do you normally connect to the internet?

your IP address will be the one under Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

DHCPis where you obtain your IP address, DNS, and gateway automatically from your internet service provider (ISP), this IP address canges ever so offten.

static IP address is given to you by your ISP when you first get yout internet hooked up, this has to be put in manually and never changes.

the Domain Name System (DNS) associates various sorts of information with so-called domain names; most importantly, it serves as the "phone book" for the Internet: it translates human-readable computer hostnames, e.g. en.wikipedia.org, into the IP addresses that networking equipment needs for delivering information. It also stores other information such as the list of mail exchange servers that accept email for a given domain. In providing a worldwide keyword-based redirection service. this is assocated with static IP address and also is giiven to you by your ISP and is put in manually.

A gateway, is a node that serves as an entrance to another network, and vice-versa. Gateways are most commonly used to transfer data between private networks and the Internet. think of it as a door way going from one room to another. with static ip this will also be given to you by your ISP and put in manually.

I hope this helps explaning this to you, if I can be any further help please let me know.

can you ping any websites? find your ip address, does it change? (I assume ipconfig \all shows your ip address? I currently don't have access to a windows machine) Is it possible that your firewall is blocking port 80?

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