H, i am doin an essay about two different operating systems, windows and linux and i was just wanted to know you people use Linux over windows. Thanks

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1) can have lower costs (never say that linux is always cheaper, with support, licencing and training it isnt always the case

2) linux runs on more platforms e.g ibm mainframes

3) linux can be more efficient in some cases


1)Most PCs come with windows in the cost, so its cost-effective

2)Windows is easy to use as users have used it at home/school 99% of the time

3)Most existing commercial software is for windows.

Thanks, do you use windows or Linux ??

Both as i require certain windows applications/features for college and i like to play windows games.

For office/email/chat i like linux

Ok can i ask what you are doing at college beacuse i also go to college an i am doing btec national IT, i am just wondering if you do the same.

I do A level (im in the second year) Computing but my friend (his name is Serunson on here) does BTEC. He is in the second year too

I use Windows 2000 for Microsoft Access and Visual Basic, which i need for my coursework and dual boot with Debian Linux

Hi, i'm the infamous 2nd year-er of BTEC National Software Development course.
You stuck on something in particular?

Hi well i am just askin people why they use linux. Do you use Linux and if you do, do you change the code because Linix is an open soucre operating system and i don't understand why anyone when use Linux and not change the code or customize the operating system. Thanks

I don't use Linux, Bennet on the other hand is a Linux nerd so stretch his brain to it's limits :D

I have customised it, made my own version designed specifically for my needs/hardware/network setup but most people dont. Most linux distributions (there are 1000s of different linuxes) are EITHER aimed at a specific task or at a general user, and work out of the box, no customisation needed.

Linux positives
-for the most part cheaper
-compatible with pretty much anything
-open source, so people are constantly working on making it better
-there are my choices of distros out there
Linux negatives
-people don't know how to use it
-not compatible with the newest hardware all the time
-there are hundreds of distros

That's just my list, but there's plenty more reasons.

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