hello Every body, hope you're fine
I am using OpenSUSE 10.2 Linux and windows XP Pro
the problen is that after (POST)program finishs his work the supposed work is that the OpenSUSE boot loader show the booting menu as follows

Windows XP Proffesional

but the result is
GRUB Loader, please wait
Error 15

the question is what is (Error 15) and how can I fix it without reinstalling windows or OpenSUSE

Do you get this error after trying to boot an operating system? Is this only specific to one of them? What is your partition setup?

I can't see any operating systems menu, the problem occur without trying to boot any OS.

ah so it trys to open grub but it doesnt even get that far right??

Error 15 means that grub is looking for a file and can't find it.
Since you don't even get the menu, its probably in the splashimage line in grub.conf
Download a program called supergrub and burn it to a cd and then see if you can boot either of your o/s off that! This disk also includes features to reinstall grub or fix boot problems is a really good tool.