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Nice article.How did google come up with this


I didnt know the internet was around in the 80s!! (Probably should have realized it since the 80s was the BEST decade ever :))

commented: Did you really have to revive a post more than 3 years old to post some nonsense? -4
commented: Just piling on... +0

Did you really have to revive a thread more than 3 years old with 2 posts, one by a banned member, and one by a member who's not been seen in 3 years?

Nothing wrong with dates!!

This is a GOOD LINK,i dont care if it was posted in 1999 -- I am glad i came across this interesting thread :)

You people that get all bent out of shape over a date need to worry about things that really matter. (People all over the internet)

Dates mean NOTHING!!! (The link is still good regardless (If it is still valid which in case im glad it was))

(Thanx for taking away my reputation status with your negative comment just because YOU DONT LIKE SEEING AN OLD THREAD COME TO THE TOP.... (Stupid,stupid))

commented: ;) +3
commented: Give you some rep back :) +36

Heh wouldnt it be funny if he really did??

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