Howdy from Texas,

New to forum, have a HP V2000 laptop, when atempting to boot up get beeps. long beep pause long beep then 2 short beeps. Computer does not boot but does try to access DVD drive and fan comes on. Can anyone tell me where I can go to get HP beep codes or what the beeps from my computer are telling me? Thank you in advance.


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Welcome to the site!

I believe this page might help you :)

Good luck :)

Welcome to the site!

I believe this page might help you

Good luck

Server, laptop, what's the difference. The beep codes are probably the same anyway. :icon_rolleyes:

I think the 'troubleshooting' section of this manual will do the original poster more good, although it doesn't describe exact beep codes:

Thanks for the info, I already had the manual. This is the first time dealing with beep codes. Took it to Best Buy geek squad and they told me I would have to send it in at a cost of $108 just for shipping and diagnosing. I would just like to find out whats wrong with it and approximate cost as I can get a compatable new one for under $500. If need be I will call HP and run the gauntlet.

Good luck to you!

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