Hi all,

I've come here to take advantage (and give back when I can) of the fantastic diversity of knowledge that seems to be here.

I have recently taken on a position with a small ISP. I have an A+ cert and about 10 years of hands on, on-my-own, experience, along with being a few credits shy of an assoc' degree.

My weakest area of knowledge is networking. So of course I go to work for an ISP right?

Actually having said that I'm not doing too badly. I have been able to aquire 5 formal compliments from customers who asked for a supervisor to praise my efforts after my phone interaction. This happened all in about 1 month.

But I need your help. I want to be the best at what I do. What am I talking about specifically? Here are some sample questions I get during the course of a day...

1. My husband's computer is connected to the same router I am. He is wired to it, I am wireless. It worked fine 'till about a week ago. Now my pages take forever to load. Sometimes they don't load at all and I get an "IE cannot display this webpage..."
I haven't changed anything on my computer. What is wrong?

I check their signal and a lot of times the signal is fine.(as witnessed by the fact that the hub can get on)

2. My Outlook keeps asking me for a password over and over again. I can't even control my computer.

These are not active questions, just a couple I could remember of the top of my head. Forgive any rambling please as it's way past my bedtime but I wanted to get this out first.

I'll submit some real ones as they come up. Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to help me out.

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