I am looking for someone with some previous work I can see willing to complete this project, I am working with a small budget and this website is for my personal use.

I would like a 7 page website in HTML or FLASH for a upcoming holiday party with a festive layout that loads music (preferably with the feature to turn it off) and a front and back flyer designed to match the website. Here are the specifications:

Index: HTML or FLASH splash containing general party info with graphics.

Directions: Possibly a hotspot activated or simple links describing what side of town you plan to travel from that will lead to a page that gives detail directions to the party. I will provide the directions from each side of town and map.

About Us: A page with text and a 2-5 pictures (I will provide) giving a brief profile of the event planners.

E-mail List: A web submission form that will e-mail all additions to an e-mail address I have already set up, or if familiar with MailManversion v2.1.9 or Python I would like for you to design an HTML interface to utilize this feature.

Admission: This page will contain party info, mainly text and site layout.

Strip Down: This page will contain party info, mainly text and site layout.

Flyer: This page will contain a copy of the party flyer and allow the user to print it from this page.

The actual flyer will be front and back (preferably 4X6) with party info on one side and directions on the other, both sides in full color.

Feel free to contact me with any questions!

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