Ok i recently went to check on my torrents using uTorrent, from a couple different torrent sites, and EVERY torrent i was seeding or leeching was gone, along with all the data that had been downloaded. movies have disappeared, seemingly into thin air because after running a thorough search i cant find the damned data !! 2 hours ago everything was working fine this shit just came out of nowhere ! now im assuming this is some virus obviously but could this be a hard drive issue because im pretty sure that all the lost data was on one hard drive, but some data from previous torrents is still there. please help, this is messed up !

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this seemed to come out of nowhere, i havent installed any software or updated anything. im running a virus check with norton with everything up to date. the only thing i can think of is that i ran spybot and got rid of some spyware, and then was browsing thru some files in system32 (looking for something i thought was there) and saw some files with names like $MSI31Uninstall_KB893803v2$ in blue so i deleted them to the recycle bin. then later i went to check the files as i said and data was gone, over 100gbs of it. not sure if this is related at all, but its the only thing i can think of that i could have done in the time between when i checked it and everything was fine, and then when everything disappeared. since then i restored the files i deleted from recycle bin but this of course didnt do shit. anyone help please ?

so somehow, every active torrent auto-deleted itself along with the data. how could that be possible, virus maybe ? and is there ANY way i can get all that shit back without having to re-download every fucking thing ?

Maybe the data was deleted by the site??

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