here is the problem, win workgroup 10 pc`s with winxp prof. static ip address asign with ip range - mask add. DNS xx.xx.xx.xx ( dns by isp ), DSL conection 1MB . 2wire modem-router with dynamic DHCP. My question is if there is a problem with this setup, cause somethimes the dsl conection goes down, problems to print, and share files ?

should i use only dynamic ip addresses for all the host ?
is posible that can ocurrs bandwidth problems?

thanks, apreciate any response.

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if you have a dhcp on the network, and it's a normal hard wired network, why not use it? managing lots of static IP addresses can be a strain

thank you DinaYansy, the thing is that is already asingned each static ip addres. your sugestion is should i erase all the static ip adress and let the DHCP do the rest?


yeah, why not?

Dima is on the money, let DHCP handle the ip setting for all PC. more over you should only want to give static IP when you want to keep a close tab/watch on pc activity. this can still be done with DHCP but ever so often the pc get a different Ip and you would have to check the log for all the different Ip it was assigned. as opposed to a static.

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