Hi all. I just got my first job interview, and im quite excited as for a 15 year old, the stores that i may be working at rarely hire kids. First some background on the stores. All the stores are under the Coles Myer company. The three stores i applied for (online application + test) are Harris Technology, Myer and Megamart. Harris is a large chain of mid size computer stores. Myer is a large chain of Department Stores with a good technological areas. And Megamart, as the name suggests are a few MEGA stores, specialising in computers. I am very excited, but also quite nervous. The interview is something called a group interview, which im guessing is problem solving with other applicants, then a one-on-one. Im just curious as how to make myself sound good and succeed on the day. Any help will be appreciated.

many thanks in advance

They probably want to have a LOOK at you more than anything. Dress professionally but don't over do it. Remember they are looking for someone to represent them even if you think your job is in the back room. When you talk, don't talk too fast and don't mumble. Look people in the eye, but don't stare. If you have to do problem solving stuff, then methodology is usually more important than getting the right answer so break the problem down logically and proceed. Be respectful but don't cower. Corporate exectutives really don't think anything is "Cool" so don't try to be. They will be more concerned about whether you will be a problem than if you will be a genius. And most of all relax :-). That's my 2 cents.

Good luck.
Let us know how you do.

cool thx. im dressing in a silk business shirt, no tie, black pants, and black leather shoes. Is this a little "overdone" for a 15 year old or what?

sounds like a good choice of attire to me. good luck!

Good luck :)

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Sounds fine to me too. Let us know how it went.

when you want to know what to wear to an interview you should observe the employees and see what they wear and where the same style clothes. like if you were applying at best buy, where a blue shirt tucked into a pair of light tan slacks, dress like you want and have the job. trust me, showing up like a hoodlum, or dressing like your applying for a job as a big executive, will not look good because you will be making yourself seem like you are a bigger man, when your not, because you will be working under them, now thats not to say they are a better person, but in the job lineup you are lower, but thats also not to say that one day you couldnt be running the place.

thx everyone, ill let you know how it goes, its on Tuesday (aust.).

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