Hi All,

I'm thinking about starting my own website, but I would like some recommendations as to where to host it.

I'm want a host that supports ASP.NET but also PHP (attempting to learn both, so need somewhere to test). I want a reasonable amount of storage / banwidth as I also intend to use the site for a bit of file dumping.

I also want to be able to register the domain name with the same place, for ease of use.

My other problem is that of a small budget.

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks.

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I use a company called PowWeb

300GB of space
3000GB of bandwidth
Free domain name

$5.77 per month

Thanks for the suggestion, only problem is that they don't have asp.net support.

You might want to ask their sales dept. about asp support.

They host other Microsoft services.


i am harpreet from genisyl

we are into this business from last 8 years i mean web development we work on php and asp.net both. u can visit our profile at www.genisyl.com

u can provide your requirment on harpreet.corporate@gmail.com and also let us know your budget.

i would love to do yoour project as we dont bother much for money we want long lasting relations with customers


My recommendation is to use heart internet


They offer a free hosting service which is fantastic and there basic service which is very classy.

I Would recommend them above any other - They are cheap, reliable and excellent resources.

They will also give you £20 google adwords voucher too which allows you to purchase advertising from google. (with paid subcription)

i went with www.siteground.com to host my website(s). they offer a great amount of file transfering services and databases.


That is excellent for web hosting.
They offer everything and more.

If you go to meermajik.co.uk you can get a quote - when you go there tell them my name (grant)

Meermajik offer cheap and reliable services.
They offer excellent packages at around £2.50 a month with great amounts of webspace and services and databases.

There domains for .uk are £5 for two years - thats great price (and includes vat) (thats one of the best prices on the internet)


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