Name: Karla
Nickname: My teenage children call me "Jo".
Hair: Brown with some grey
Eyes: Green
Location: Louisiana - Northwest corner - Bossier City
Age: 40 something
Hobbies: I don't think I have any real hobbies at this time, because I have been in survival mode for the past decade or so. I have been sick for a few years, but for the past week or so things seem to be looking up for me. I really enjoy spending time with my family and my sweet black lab dog! I used to like to go fishing and camping, so maybe I will do that for a hobby.

Relationship Status: Married for over 21 years to a guy that was my high school sweetheart!

Fav Music: It has been so long since I have had control of the radio dial that I don't really know. I guess it will have to be 70's and 80's music because I know the words. Also, Christian music is cool to me.

Education: BA and M.Ed. in Elementary Education grades 1-8, MA in Counseling, several post graduate science courses for teachers, Nationally Board Certified Teacher in Science ages 11-14.

Work: Retired after teaching/counseling for 20 years, but I am looking for something to do after the next year or so. Right now I am "taking care" of a family that that lost their home in New Orleans to the hurricane. This family of six people (and 3 dogs) now lives next door in a house that we own. I had never met them before, but instantly think of them as family, yet I don't even know their last name. Some people are amazed that we would become involved with complete strangers, but they aren't strangers. They are my daughter's boyfriend's mother's relative's friends, and now they are my friends, too. There are three generations ranging in age from mid 80's to 13 years old.

Favorite Food: Well...my screen name is KHZblue because I was once called a blue whale as I was swimming in our community pool. The middle school student also informed me that the blue whale is the largest mammal...so I guess lots of foods are my favorite.

Favorite Movies: Funny Romantic Adventures

Favorite TV Shows: Well, my cell phone alarm is programmed to alert me to be sure to watch Desparate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy. I also like Everybody Loves Raymond

Favorite Video Games: PacMan and Tetris are the last ones I played.

Stuff you Dislike: People that are unkind to each other or think they are better than someone else, Cancer (my Mom just passed away from colon cancer)


Are you a fan of the Texas football team that beat the University of Louisiana at Lafayette team on Saturday? My son plays for ULL...well, he is a freshman...so I guess I should say he is "on the team" instead of "he plays" for them. He still had fun at Texas even though it was pretty pitiful.


Hi Folks,

My name is Alan, I'm a web designer from Scotland.

My hobbies include art, photography and writing.


Name: Brendan
Nickname: Eris'tottle
Height: 5'6"
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Location: Northern California 3/4 of the time, exotic locales the rest
Age: 24
Sign: Virgo
Hobbies: Fencing, Writing, Teaching, Hiking, Swimming, Dancing
Relationship: Single, with a wicked crush on Dani *swoon*
Music: Neutral Milk Hotel, Built to Spill, Kermit the Frog, Dan Bern, Bonnie Prince Billy, Cat Power, Moxy Fruvous, Suzanne Vega
Movies: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, the Princess Bride, Lost in Translation, the Big Lebowski, Galaxy Quest, Wet Hot American Summer, Hero, Shrek
TV: the West Wing, Buffy, Space Ghost, Iron Chef, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Rainbow Brite
Games: The Legend of Zelda (I), Marble Madness, Megaman IV, Black and White, Might and Magic VI
Food: Tom Kha, Saag Aloo, Seitan Claypots, Spinach Salads, Any Vegan Dessert
Education: Cultural Anthropology and Linguistics at Goddard College
Work: I do freelance writing, and freelance web design.

My focus is on standards-compliant css/xhtml, though I peek at php and javascript enough to do whatever my clients need me to do. Looking forward to being a part of this great community!


Name: Dortz
Height: 6'3
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Location: Chicago over break, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign for School
Age: 19
Sign: Sure, cause i care.. i got a sign for ya *leud jesture*
Hobbies: Gaming, Drinking, Programming, Sticking it To the Gates, Breaking WinME, fixing WinXP
Relationship: Single
Music: Lots. everything except country.
Movies: anything by Tarentino, anything by Kevin Smith, and most movies that were made from books, cause i enjoy comparing them.
TV: don't watch much TV cept for football (Go Bears, Go Illini)
Games: Currently: Doom3, Halo2, Bloodrayne2, Super Smash Bros. 64 (old school!)
Food: Pizza and Beer. no other better connection has ever been made except that of which cheetos and mountain dew.
Education: Currently attending UIUC for Materials Science and Engineering, with a minor in Computer Science.
Work: Working as a Class Assistant for a CalcI class



i am senthil kumar and i am from india

i am software programmer in the area of c/c++

i joined to this groups on yesterday

i like to collect c++ updated details

in india my native is tamilnadu

thanking you


v.senthil kumar


Whoops I guess I screwed this up in my introduction but Here is some of my info now. I guess I should be a little more social and not soo much work! This is what the real world does to you :)

Name: Kate
Nickname: hmm... dunno
Height: 5'11"
Weight: Normal
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Location: DC
Age: 22
Hobbies: Rollerblading, Flying small airplanes, movies, Big Book reader! , Hanging out with friends (especially when I get back to Purdue), Recently working at home (sad but true), Softball (Big Time), Ultimate Frisbee, Anything athletic, love mountain climbing and camping, canoeing, skiing (if you can find a good place in the east)

Relationship Status: Seriously in Love for over a year :)

Fav Music: All kinds, with few acceptions, Worked with an intern this summer who liked flamingo stuff (definately not my flav), Also not a big fan of twangy Country or hard core jazz.

Education: Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering Degree from Purdue, Major study in Rocket Propulsion with minor study in Dynamics and Controls and Political Science (yes technically a rocket scientist although I don't do any current work with rockets, accept for my boyfriend's company www.zigaero.com check it out)

Work: Work for an Independant Contractor at NASA Goddard, right next to the place where they talk with ISS ( I know pretty neat)

Favorite Food: Yeah not a health freak or anything but I love veggies, fruit and fresh bread. Also a big fan of brauts from time to time :)

Favorite Movies: Gattaca all the way!! Also liked Space Camp as a kid and anything which has more meaning that your typical Hollywood drama. Ooh and Firestarter (that little girl was awesome)

Favorite TV Shows: The Simpsons rock, also like America's Next Top Model, Family Guy, Star Trek Next Generation, Voyager, Mayguyver, Quantum Leap, StarGate SG1 and almost all the sci fi stuff.

Favorite Video Games: Yeah not a big player of these, not much freetime but I do like DDR for exercise :)

Stuff you Dislike: Hmm bad Maryland Drivers!! Mean People (yeah I know that the models are but I like the art pictures) Boring Work!!

Feel free to add more stuff :Well my quote would have to be " Shoot for the Moon because even if you miss you will land among the stars!"

Favorite Books: Duh huge book lover here: River God (really the whole 3 book series rocks), Giver, Brave New World, Davinci Code, Angels and Demons, Pledged, and a whole bunch of others I can't remember


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Name: Josh
Nickname: I plead the 5th
Height: 6'2
Weight: 175
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: different colors and kind of a swirl (brown, green, yellow, sometimes a hint of blue)
Location: West Virginia
Age: 21
Hobbies: being a dork
Relationship Status: confused

Fav Music: mainly punk and emo

Education: senior studying electrical and computer engineering

Work: i spend hours studying my life away

Favorite Food: biscuits and gravy, chinese, bunch of other stuff... love country meals

Favorite Movies: Dumb and Dumber, Napolean Dynamite

Favorite TV Shows: Family Guy, College football

Favorite Video Games: World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy Series, NCAA '06, Yahoo! Towers

Stuff you Dislike: you know how when you are walking and people are in front of you and they like to just stop - cant freakin stand it. Also people who arent from the mountains and dont have a clue how to drive in them...


frustrated new user of this board who found it through google, looking for a phpbb2 installer, found one, but can't post to the thread or PM him. Came along to this thread, hit last post from the menu, and got a 404 page.

I guess this place isn't so welcoming after all...


Name - Greg
Nickname - Bruno
Height - 6' 1"
Weight - 300
Hair - black
Eyes - brown
Location - Miami FL
Age - 35



My name is Adam. I am a small property developer and love forums. I run about 20 of them!!


hi guys

im jayan

im from india

im in australia

i do ME by researchwork

I like tamil movie comedies, dappanguthu - which is way too cooler than rap/hiphop, i like hollywood movies too and eccentric movies, cricket-sachin tendulkar

i wanna ;
ima tamil extremist and i wanna bring archeological surveys to tamil nadu and bring out the true glory of this culture to the world.
i think einsteins both TR s are worng and wanna disprove it
i am very much interested in AI and wanna become the archietect of MATRIX.
as of now..becoming rich and popular is an ambition as well.

a majority of indian guys that go to the west are studious nerds..but it doesnt mean that all indians are.

I HATE: programming

I cant: articulate well in english..language in any form is a problem for me.


Name: James
Nickname: Jim
Height: 6'0
Weight: Not sure...
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Blue
Location: UK
Age: 18
Hobbies: Satellite TV, PHP, MySQL, Media & Music
Relationship Status: A what now?

Fav Music: All rock and some pop music

Education: Just the GCSE's

Work: Self employed web developer, forum administrator and wannabe media writer

Favorite Food: Pizza, chocolate, anything really

Favorite Movies: Airplane, Naked Gun, etc

Favorite TV Shows: Family Guy, Law & Order (all 4), Futurama

Favorite Video Games: Last computer game I played was Theme Hospital when it came out!

Stuff you Dislike: Alot of things, but I won't bring down the thread! At the top has to be excessive noise - I like it when it's calm and quiet with the radio or TV on, anything else drives me mad!

This is a really cool site! :cool:


Okay, there are now WAY too many marketing threads here. Is that allowed? Moderators & Administrators, please note.

Well what do you know. They did note...


Name - manish
Nickname - mannu
Height - 5' 10"
Weight - 63 kg
Hair - black
Eyes - 2 of 'em
Location - india
Age - turning 28 next month

Hobbies - play with computer & work with electronic equipment
Relationship Status - single

Fav Music - love song
Education - B.E. ( Electronic & telecom )

Favorite Movies -
Favorite TV Shows - Anything on TV
Favorite Computer Games - any one
Stuff I Dislike - Those people who always try to save himself for any risponsibility ,
More coming when I think of it ...


Name - Disa
Nickname - Poof
Height - 5' 3"
Weight - 180 lbs
Hair - Curly Brown
Eyes - Hazel
Location - Alaska
Age - 17

Hobbies - Play ninja gaiden, play on Photoshop CS and dink around on Deviant Art
Relationship Status - Long-Term relationship (3 Years ^^)

Fav Music - Cat People, By David Bowie
Education - Runnin' around high school pretending to be an idiot

Favorite Movies - Princess Mononoke
Favorite TV Shows - Medium
Favorite Computer Games - Kings Quest series
Stuff I Dislike - Programs not working like they are supposed to, my boyfriend flirting with other girls, and getting F's on tests.


Name: Rory
Height: 5'3"
Hair: Brown
Eyes: At least two and they're both blue I think
Location: Northampton UK
Age: 15
Hobbies: Playing music on my guitar, piano, trombone and euphonium, web design.
Ocupation: Well err none I'm only 15
Fav Music: ROCK
DISLIKES: Frontpage!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am a Graphic Designer in Charlotte, NC, USA. I have been out of school now just over a year.

I am interested in learning new web development tools such as PHP and Cold Fusion Management.

My next area of interest is in Flash publising.


Name: Stephen (Steve to anyone who knows me)
Nickname: anything but stefan
Height: from 5'10''-5'11,3/4" depending on the measuring device.(so close!)
Weight: 145 (the skinny kind of nerd)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Location: VA
Age: 22
Hobbies: Computers, Guitar, Card Magic(Prestidigitation), Big Words, Calligraphy, Celtic Knots, TI-83 Programming, Breaking Windows(ever since the first endless loop, I was hooked :-),

Relationship Status: single (I haven't asked her out yet :-)

Fav Music: Evanescence, Arcanum Soundtrack(tarrant and villages songs), anything classical,

Education: Computer Science

Work: Living-on-ramen full-time-student
Favorite Food: Shepherd's pie with cheese on top (mmmm)

Favorite Movies: The Matrix(first good THINKING movie in a long time), The Cube, The Abyss

Favorite TV Shows: 24!!!!!

Favorite Video Games: The Secret Of Monkey Island, Indiana Jones (the SCUMM ones), DOTT, Full Throttle,...Basically any classic Lucas Arts game. Prince of Persia (1 and 2, nothing more), HHGG Infocom game, Wolfenstien 3d(old and new), Doom(Serious Sam was nice, but nothing beat the gratuitous violence of the original Dooms), Crystal Caves, Secret Sam, Commander Keen(I wasted sooo much time with these), Yoda Stories,

Stuff you Dislike:
--People who drive slow in the fast lane.
--Two cars that see who can go slowest side by side on a two lane road.
--"Stalkers" who pick a car and tailgate it, even if it's the only other car on the road, and ride their bumper until said car gets out of the way. The "stalker" roars past honking and guesturing. Then proceeds to start over with the another car.
--Middle aged women who drive SUV's. No, I'm not being sexist (see next dislike). I'm a victim. I believe driving a giant hunk of gas-guzzling metal makes these women feel empowered. Which is fine. Until they empower themselves into the side of your car at a merge.
--Sports-car-driving cellphone-wielding power-dressing businessmen. These guys scare me. A lot. It doesn't matter how you drive, you'll get honked, guestured, and yelled at. Be watchful for sudden and unsignaled movement.
--Disgruntled cops. Please, stop with the "intimidation" tactics. Yes, pull me over. Sure, give me a ticket (I can respect a cop who does his job). But please, please, no yelling or threats. When I am more civil than you, it just makes me feel like a martyr. Leave judgement to the judge.


Name: Shalini
Location: Meerut (India)
Age: 10*2+7
Interests: Languages, Russian music, dancing, swimming, reading.
Education: MA in Russian, MBA
Work: Lecturer of Russian (CCS University, Meerut)
Favorite Foods and Drinks: vareniki, borsh, vine “Monastyrskaja izba , all fruits ...
Favorite Movies: Znahar, Pushpak, Piya ka Ghar ...


Name: Robbio
Nickname: Rubio
Height: 5 something
Weight: 135
Hair: Curly Black
Eyes: Hazel
Location: Chicago
Age: 22
Hobbies: Improvised Theatre, Film, Animation
Relationship Status: Aha... oh funny.

Fav Music: So long as it's got a good beat

Education: Mix of Comp Sci and Theatre in Highschool, 1 year of Industrial Design/Computer Animation in college

Work: Web development

Favorite Food: Tunamelt

Favorite Movies: Ghostbusters

Favorite TV Shows: CSI, Boston Legal, Fraggle Rock

Favorite Video Games: Don't play any (yea, I know, weak, stopped after a Diablo addiction)

Stuff you Dislike: Snarky peeps



Name: peter
Height: 6'3''
Weight: 180lbs
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Location: manchester, uk
Age: 22
Hobbies: music, socialising, programming

Fav Music: the eels, ben folds, goldfrapp, franz ferdinand, ryan adams, bright eyes, a tribe called quest, outkast, doves... too many to mention

Education: IT

Work: programmer (clinical systems), soon to be dba

Favorite Food: popolino's burgers, with loads of salad and mayonaise. cheese.

Favorite Movies: alien, hana bi, duel, goodfellas, los debutantes, east is east, spirited away, ghost in the shell

Daily Reads (in addition to daniweb!): theregister.co.uk, slashdot.org, fark.com, thedailywtf.com

Favorite TV Shows: anything that involves sherriff john bunnell

Stuff I Dislike: people who let their dogs crap on the pavement and not clean it up, people who are overly politically correct. a tech show on BBC news called 'click online'


hi i'm new here and this is my first thread

Name: Rose
Nickname: Rosy
Height: 5'3''
Weight: 120
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Location: BI
Age: 20
Hobbies: Listening to music,going out with friends

Relationship Status: single

Fav Music: Greenday, bluez, country

Education:majoring in English

Work: i dont have one

Favorite Movies: emmm mrs&mr smith, blade

Favorite TV Shows: Csi, the view, according to jim, friends

Stuff you Dislike: CATS


OK, so here goes my little intro - all according to Inscissor's form:

Name: Daniel (no I'm NOT copying Inscissor)
Nick: Yomet (duh), Dan the Man (by co-workers whose probs I fixed), Dan, IKEA
Height: 6'1"
Weight: depends on what I ate... :)
Hair: light brown
Eyes: Blue
Location: Montreal, QC, Canada (north of the USA if you didn't know)
Age: 38

Education: B.C.S., airplane pilot, Oracle DBA, Saba administrator, etc.

Work: 8 years as programmer analyst (VB, VBA, Access, VB Script, SSJS), 3 years as Oracle DBA (8, 8i, 9i, 10g)

Hobbies: Photo, Ultimate frisbee, Alpine Skiing (moguls, half-pipes and flat-tops), Biking, Driving

Relationship status: My computer is 5 years old - does that count? ;)

Music: 80's alternative, Linkin Park, old Ice-T, Maroon 5, Nelly, GreenDay, and a bunch others - hey, almost anything except opera and heavy metal or harder

Food: Swedish (Sill, Janson's Frestelse, Falu korv), steaks, pasta, pizza

Movies: Matrix, action movies - I'm not really a movie goer so...

TV: American Chopper (OCC Rules), Extreme Machines, some sports (CFL, NHL, NFL, NBA)

Video games: what's that??

Pet peeve: peolpe who think that turn signals are for decoration and any other BAD driving habits (comes from biking in traffic)


Name: Jacqueline
Nick name: Jackie
Height - 5'2"
Weight: 100
Hair Auburn Red
Heyes à: brown
Locations : Canada

Love music , reading, and going out on friday night with my daughter and all our friends gang.

Working as voluntary at my school dance 2 nights a week

My hobby is dancing, I am learning Ballroom dance since 18 years ago.
Latin, and standard

My occupation is my computer.

It's me

Have a good day to all will see this profile

Jackie B

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