Hi all could i get some help please, ive just set up a hosting account with godaddy and the domain is registered with someone else.

The problem ive got is the domain isn't ready to have the name servers changed yet and id like to view the site and get it running before changing them.

Ive contacted godaddy to see if this is possible because i cant access the site through the server ip address because the domain is registered with a different company.

Anyway i got this reply

Thank you for contacting Online Support. Please be advised that when using a shared hosting account, you would be unable to browse to the IP address. You can configure you local system to view the site using a HOSTS file. While we can not assist you directly with this, a query of your favorite search engine can provide you more information on this process.

Please let us know if we can help you in any other way.


Now to my question how can i use the host file to view the site ?

Thanks for any reply's and sorry for the long winded post

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No one know this ?

Try changing the host file name and see if it works then.... (Or are you asking if you can enter something into it to FORCE let you view it?)

Ya might have to try using a proxy...

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