Hello, everybody.

Out of the blue I recently received an e-mail from somebody who would like to put a text ad on my website. This is the first such offer I have received, and I have no idea how to price an ad.

Is it based on the PR of the page on which I place it? Is it based on the traffic the page receives (less than 500 visitors per day)?

Off the top of my head, I am tempted to base the rate on my monthly hosting rate; that way, I'd finally have a way to make the website at least pay for its own hosting charges.

Anybody else in these forums have to make the same decisions? I am curious to hear how you determined an advertising rate.

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You have to be careful that the person wants to advertise for the sake of advertising, and not just for the PageRank juice. It's a good idea to add the [search]nofollow tag[/search] to the link. Otherwise, you're violating Google's TOS, which isn't a good idea if you get a significant amount of traffic from Google.

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, it's hard to give you a ballpark figure ... based on what you're saying, I'd guestimate $75 a month but I really haven't considered anything like this in years so I am a bit out of the loop to know what the going rate is.

For less than 500 a day, probably 25-75 a month or so.

I would advise that the site who wants add a link is in the same niche that you are.

Example: your site is about building cars, the link site is about plants, this is not good linking practice..

Instead have , your site is about is building cars, the link should be about spraying your car..

Always add links that has a same service or products in your niche..

Now coming to the point on what you should charge, I would advise that you charge $9.99 for 2 weeks, then check with site if they are getting traffic , if happy charge $39... then what you do is do a search on google for sites that are in the same niche you are in... lets say you get 5 sites x $39 = $ 195 ...

Always try to get the turst of site that is going to link with you...

You can create some extra income by selling links...

Hope that helps

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