HI All

I am now starting a project on mesh wireless ad hoc networks.
So, i need some help.

1st: I need to download 802.11x protocol for wireless mesh ad hoc network so, different devices (pc, pda labtop etc) can communicate with each other with out any Access point but with blue tooth or anntena etc.

Now any one knows about these protocols which should i have to use.

And suggestions on this project.

People who thinks they are expert on this , we can form a group through this forum. I also have to write min 2-3 papers so, i will add ur names in it.


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This is Last post on this website forum for this problem. If Any one can help me? so i can continue.....
So far I have installed MCL for mesh connectivity but i am facing a problem of Virtuall connection disabled after 4-6 sec

both PCs WinXP SP2and WLAN cards same vandor (TP Link)

different devices (pc, pda labtop etc) can communicate with each other with out any Access point but with blue tooth or anntena

This functionality is built into XP SP2 and PocketPC version 2003SE and above

Its called an ad-hoc network

Thanks for reply

Yes I have created MESH1 SSID and conected them But Virtaul Wireless adapter Created by
Mesh Connectivity Layer(MCL) disabled after 4-6 sec when enabled.

After this WLAN card enabled and connection MESH1 found and connected automatically
but no ping between them.

But When i ping both PC with each other within 4-6 sec while Virtual Wireless Connection is
enabled both PCs ping each other.

I want to know where Problem Lies, wat should i do?

Thanks again

looks like mesh wireless isn't well implemented in general yet - some proprietary solutions, no real standards. just choose a protocol and work along it - read the rfc. in any case windows (especially home edition) wouldn't help you out much, look for linux distros with the protocols built in


Last link u send i tried that
i downloaded MCL from there

And i go to AODV protocol page i sent u from ur 2nd last link

I am using WinXP Pro SP2
I stuck in MCL as described above
and now in AODV there is install.txt in 7th step error in config file reading

I'd try to email the guys who wrote the howto's if I were you, as I said, I'm no expert

Thanks Useful links

Wat exactly i want is to connect three PC's with each other without AP using Wireless LAN card and one of them route there request to the AP for LAN or Internet

Thanks two brains having some idea can do some think useful as ur helping me out with useful ideas , links and emailing some.

I am very greatful to u

no problem. if I had some wireless computers here I'd try to look for a solution, but I'm in the middle of a relocation process, and all I have is my laptop

mean while i think i should try Adaptive Wireless Path Protocol (AWPP) also its good link thanks

have fun! :)

But there no link for download software i tried google but all in cisco

contact cisco then.

Please if u know some one ask him wat i want to do(as exactly described above).

And Try to find from where i should start (Which Protocol, Software and Hardware requirments etc.)

No AP should involve when three PC's Communicating with each other or Hardware device (like cisco routers) one of PC in Mesh Can only route the request of other who can access AP for Internet or otherside LAN

I am able to connect PCs Through mesh network
I am trying to connect them to internet I know
Possible sol. that internet sharing on last node but my internet provider is using 192.X.X.X series already i cannot share the net so, here i need help.. Now wat should i do now...Very simplest way.


Thanx DimaYasny

i try and then tell u.

2nd u told me that ur cisco friend for mesh help did u contected him?

he is pretty hard to reach, and my current company doesn't go into high end networking like that

thanx when u got some thing email me or reply

still error

when i used on LAN card (ICS error)

when i used on LAN card (Invalid bits error)

you can't use a .0 as an IP - it's a network address

but 1.1 is not working also

what is your network anyway?

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