Hello everybody,

I have a question about one of these scanners with automatic document input. I regulary have to make copies of documents, that are printed from both sides. I had a look on these douplex-scanner but they are very expensive and big.

Now it wouldn't be a problem for me to scan these documents twice (front and back). I just have to make sure, that the documents are in the same order (or just the other way round), because afterwards front and back have to get tied together again.

Now I'm using a simple HP-scanner (it's brilliant for photos and single texts - just a hell a lot of work for hundreds of docs). I name the files something.1 and something.2 (front and back) and somethingelse.1 and somethingelse.2. It really is a fuss.

So how do these machines work? How do they name the output-files, what format do they use? And any experience if they mess the documents around?

Many thanks

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