I am interested in applying for a junior application programmer in a financial company. Just want to know what kind of job it will be. The job description says that the role will work on .net, C#, SQL server, VB and VBA. I am not familiar with any of these. Can you let me know what kind of job this will be and what is the starting point to learn if in case i get an offer.


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go there, and talk with the manager, or with the employer, and discuss this thing. each company has it's own rules, work program, etc.

the best choice from where to start with programming is a good book for begginers, google.com, a lot of cofee and patience and desire to learn.

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Don't expect high pay, display a willingness to learn, and do whatever they tell you to do without an attitude of "that's not nice work, I don't want to do that".

In fact don't even think about what they're going to pay you now, or at most do some calculations as to the amount you'd need to pay the rent and buy enough food to not starve as that's the minimum you'll need to survive on.

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