Wow i didn't know that it actually downloaded. that makes a lot of sense though.

i guess they just keep logs of anything you do download and where it comes from and if they determine that you are downloading something you shouldn't then that's the first strike.

yeh but thats the thing, i mean if you are watching something online aas there are a lot of sites where movies are hosted and you can watch em online, would that be strike one. This would mean that we have to tread very carefully about everything and broadband seems really worthless if all this would not be allowed.

Even hacking would be out of questions unless there are some isp who would support such practise...hahaha. Imagine their adverts on tv, Hackers, illegal downloaders are welcome with open arms.


Like I said, alot of the time the ISP will preach about what they do to prevent cyber-crime(s), and the like, but unless it's a fairly small and local ISP i don't think they really care. I do quite a lot on my ISP, ranging from Torrents, games, music, movies, to a few other not so legal activities. As I have been doing for 2-3 years, and I have yet to receive a warning or notification of "Strike 1"

Me neither. I have a local ISP and run frostwire everyday. i download music and movies and programs all the time and they don't say a word.

How do they determine between an illegal download and a legal one? that's what im curious about.

this topic seems to have died off a bit, maybe this will spark it a little. Something you guys may not have known but everyone's #1 friend on myspace, Tom actually started as a computer hacker in the 80's and 90's. I forget what he hacked but it lead to the biggest FBI raid of the time. I think I saw this on aol news, or something of the sort.

Must have hacked into one of US security systems, ironic that they are called the Security systems but every few days someone is able to hack into it. Instead of making sure that the system is hackproof they go all berserk to get the guy who proved the point of lack of security in their so called security system network.

If the amount they spend on raids is utilised in making sure the systems are hackproof then they probably wont have that many hackers trying to get into their major systems.

Someone even hacked into the LHC(the particle accelerator) experiment in france and left em a message.

As far as illegal downloads is concerned i would think they would determine it from the source of the download and the type of file that user is downloading. Obviously if its a movie that is not even released on DVD yet then it has to be illegal now wouldnt it? Other than that t would depend on the individual ISP, I have done it a lot in the past but now i try to avoid downloading. So far i havent received any notification from em as yet either. Lets see how long i can resist the temptation.


Let's just face it. no system is Ever going to be "Hack Proof". take the CIA for example, they came out and said that their system was hack proof, then all these hackers started hacking it. then they upgraded the system and they hacked it again. with every new breed of security comes a new breed of hacker. there is always someone smarter, If you say it can't be done then there are always those that try to prove you wrong. it's human nature.

commented: "Let's just face it. no system is Ever going to be "Hack Proof" . Damn right. +1 +31

Hello Raj,

The word Hacking itself is having a lot meaning with it and a person who is in the world of computers is geniune for them to have curosity about it.

Well 'Hacking' means retriving someone's data witout its permission.It may include ::
1 Any individual,
2 Any group in particulars,
3 Any organisation ( commercial or non-commercial),
4 Any country's document
5 Anything which is being available on the net can be hacked.

But Hacking is not as easy as its spelling its.
Yaah , you do get some softwares in the market for it but the main aim who wants to do it is the best level of programming .

I think this much is enough for a beginner of hacking ,
if feels more intereseted do ask again.

Let's just face it. no system is Ever going to be "Hack Proof

A system which would be hack proof would be totally useless because to be hack proof, it would have to contain no data, and be kept in an unusable state in a locked room with no door and no connection to the outside.

100% security is impossible.

Hi Guys

First off it is more of a discussion than a question/s. Just to clarify a few/lot of things that i have heard and seen happening around me. Please feel free to share your knowledge about this "Taboo" topic.

I have been looking to post this somewhere but thought it might best be suited here as all the techies would be able to answer a few things. Now not sure what reaction i will get about this topc as Hacking is controversial topic, but I want to gain knowledge about it. I mean how is it possible for someone to do it? What are various levels of hacking?
Be aware of a few wierd questions as well as they will follow.

Just before someone asks me why Im asking about this, simple answer is curosity.

I wanna know. No intentions of doing it or watever but i guess you have to have knowledge about a lot of things when into computers and the biggest threat to the world of computing is Hacking, I guess. So I d rather have as much knowledge about it as I can get. Anyone out there who has answers would be greatly appreciated.


so how do you do it??

How do you do what???hack???

This is the most "ridiculous" thing a person could do in this techie world. It's like doing the "annihilation of one's self". Mere thinking is enough to make me shiver. So never never try doing this "bad idea". Not only will it ruin another's site, it will ruin yourself too.

You do know that it does happen a lot these days so that ll be a lot of shivering for you man. But then again it all depends what was the reason behind carrying out a hack anyways. And again when hacking ruining somebody is considered, it still depends on the size and seriousness of the hack.

you wanna know how to hack? ******* their are many kinds of ways you can hack..

I don't know why your not trying to command your comp

do you have the codes of ethics?.. ahihihihihi.... you just wanna go deeper then later you just wanna DO deeper..

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