I recently had my ex hack into my aol account. I had a security question that she figured out. I fixed it but it got me thinking. What if there is a way to hack into my account? Thinking along these lines I started googling it. I ran across this website: <url snipped> I tested it on my own aol account to see if they could really get into my account. I have yet to receive an answer but I was wondering if anyone knows if they really do what they say they do. Has anyone used them and had results? I'm hoping not, I'm hoping it's a hoax but what if it's real. If so then I will never be free of my ex. Does anyone out there know if <snipped> works? Thank you.

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Welcome to the site

If you change your pa$$word and all she cant get in (Or shouldnt be able to)

Change your email acct you have on the acct and all.....

Good luck!

friends don't let friends use AOL

not because of hacking. just because

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