When looking at my site through IE, my uploaded transparent PNGs always appear with a crappy background. Supposedly, from searching the web, this defect is in IE alone.

Yet, some sites have images with transparent backgrounds in IE, such as Mozilla.

How do they do this? Thank you.

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That image is an 8-bit per pixel PNG, and 8bpp PNGs can only contain 1 bit transparency ( a pixel is either fully opaque, or fully transparent ). With higher bpp PNGs, you're allowed to use alpha translucency ( a pixel can be 25%, 50%, 68%, etc transparent ). Microsoft IE versions have been OK with the transparency in 8bpp PNGs for some time, but not with the translucency in 32 bpp PNGs.

To solve... make sure you dont use translucency ( only transparency ), and save as 8bpp PNG to force 1-bit transparency.

See two attached images. They both work nicely on my browser ( Opera ), but I would imagine that only the 8bpp has a transparent background in IE ( especially IE6 or earlier ).

commented: Awesome, thank you. My picture is now transparent in IE. Unfortunately it looks like complete ass now. stupid IE. +3

Use a gif.

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