Hi all,

I thought this forum will be helpful for me, but I am dissappointed that nobody wants to help me. Its sad as I am in desperate need of help.

Let me restate what I want. I need to develop the project module for my project. Its about developing and maintaining an e-commerce website, that sells airline tickets. Can anybody suggest me what modules will the project have. For example:

Reservation Management,

I need to know what functionalities my modules will have.

Your help will be really appreciated.


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No, your mistake was asking for private help.

I just ignored the PM you sent me, and I rather suspect everyone else you sent a PM to also ignored you. It's not the way we work around here.

> I need to know what functionalities my modules will have.
Have you ever visited an online travel agency type web site before?

Your initial list seems reasonable.

Well, I didn't get much time to read FAQs, and I am at fault here. I apologise.

Thanks for replying!

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