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I am the total beginner to this programming stuff. And I am trying to jump in feet first but I am trying to jump into the right place. Wouldnt mind getting into developing software of my own and I am wondering what language is the one to use? Maybe that was a very dumb question and all would be fine but im sure their is a good difference between them.

Any help would be awesome and greatly appreciated


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What language you use depends on your preferences and the needs of your software. I'd say start with a general purpose language and specialize as you learn more about what you want to do. A good language to start with would be Python.


I agree with Narue there, Python is a great place to start. Jx_man I think C or C++ have a steep learning curve (especially C++) so I am not sure I would recommend them as starting languages. Although they are both very valuable languages to have under ones belt!


Compare "learning to drive (any car)" with "choosing a Ferrari because it's red and fast".

The same applies to programming; Learn to program, then choose a language (or indeed several languages, depending on what problems you want to solve).


Thanks for the help. All responses are greatly appreciated, i feel that all of them put together give me a great place to begin and direction to go...

Thank you all very much,

If you have any other advice please feel free to let me know

Thanks Again

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