Does anyone know of a web-based SSH app that I can download and run on one of my servers? I need something that will let me simply login to whatever server I need to from the web interface instead of using Terminal or Putty.

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yeah, sorry, I'm looking for the client.

that looks like it should get the job done.


havent used if before, it was the first hit in google. I just googled "ssh web client"

commented: thanks!! +3

yeah, I was using the wrong keywords when searching. I forgot the whole "client" thing, hence why I forgot it in the thread.


a free web ssh client can now be found on - the respective project is called consoleFISH - of course it uses ssl to communicate. have fun :)

A new web based SSH Client =

100% secure, uses SSL and they don't store or log any information about your server.

Cheapest web ssh client about.

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