Hi there techies,can you help me living in South Africa just completed my technical course as a network techie,work for a technical company till the end of the year but gonna study further in programming what courses is good like java,visual basic no nothing about programming help me to make a choice please. :cheesy:

If you're making the choice between just these two languages, I would say that java (even though it might be harder to learn) would make the best choice. Java is a language that can run on any platform (is more portable) so if you're trying to break into programming, you'd have a better chance of trying to get work in java than visual basic. I enjoy them both. Any one else have any suggestions?

thanks coderwannabe
discussed this with a friend he insisted that i do vb.net cause his brother says java is not that good but if i dont do any of the two which program would be recommendable :rolleyes:

Anything .NET is going to be big so VB.NET would be a good course to take. If not java or VB, you could take C or C++ because quite a few languages use some C syntax and that would build a good base for learning programming. This is all I know about this subject so if you can get advice from some of the other ones who've been around the Information Technology field, they might have a different answer for you. Hope this helps.....

-- CoderWannaBe

thanks codderwannabe

Go Java Go Java Go

Why not check in your area to see what language there is a market for? If you have no programming whatsoever, I would take a logic class first. That will get you familiar with the different basic concepts that are used regardless of language, then you can make a more educated decision about what language would be the best course.

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