Hi everyone ,
Just joined the daniweb when looking for RSA vb.net code. great site.

I work in the travel industry by day, the 'hb' in hbmichael stands for HelpBeam, which is what i do at night. Its a remote support service like GotoAssist Express or Logmein Rescue.

BTW, I'm looking for beta testers right now if anyone wants to go to https://www.helpbeam.com/signup/default.aspx Don't hate me for the plug.

Love the movies and can't wait for the new indiana jones flick to arrive. hope it won;t disappoint me like terminator 3 (iloved terminator til that one)

I program mostly in VB.NET and Sql Server these days but still have to support some VB6 apps and, for some reason, Access (Access? is this 1992?)

Livin in Dallas, TX (Go Stars).

Anyway, great site and learn a lot whenever I'm here. cheers everyone

Nice of you to join us!

Hi...Welcome to Daniweb Friend :)