Got an issue that is bugging me :(...

Came back home from work to find my computer won't switch on anymore... when i pressed the power button the fan would start to spin but then stop and wouldnt boot. tryed this serveral times and eventually nothing would happen. had a look inside to see any visual problems seems to be all shipshape. thought it might be the switch to turn it on but seems to be a orange light on so no problems there. power cable work fine. i'm thinking that it is a hardware issue of some sort... the computer is a I MEDIA 5054

any ideas ????

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might be a dead PSU, sometimes they have enough juice to light the LED but not enough to boot. If not then it could be a bad motherboard. PSU is the cheapest to replace (never open them yourselves!, just get a new one!)

did it overhat maybe?


Yeah i would say that its the PSU. I have found that power supplies never reliably fail by which i mean when they fail they can do odd things and they will never fail in the same way twice.

Have you added any new hardware to your computer recently?

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