I am doin my bachelors and wanna know wat all is involved in game development so could some of the senior people here please guide me???

I worked for tucows and handled the games portion of the site there. Its been a while since I left but they gave me some great experience you should check them out!

Videogames are becoming progressively more complicated, indeed, the level of complexity of these gameworlds is arguably among the highest when ranked with other fields of work. This shows especially in the field of game programming which is amazing in the amount of seemingly unrelated fields it dips and stretches it fingers into. In fact the term game programmer can no longer be assumed to mean the one who handles all the details of making a game concept a digital reality. There are many people with highly contrasting skill areas who work together to make such. I see many posts made asking on which game university is best and often the replies are along the lines of the avoidance of such and the studying of a traditional degree. These replies are correct, not because of any lack of teaching in these trade schools (in fact one may argue a higher quality of teaching in these) but rather, the certainty with which they pave into or require of one's future. For reasons I shall address later careful thought is suggested before entry into such pathways are taken. However, for now, more important is the fact that people rarely point out which degrees map best to the area of programming the questioner is most interested in.

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