hey guys i m here jst coz my windows often freezes .....i kno i can easily reinstall one but i dont wanna ....there is no hardware prob i m damn sure abt it ......suppose i m doing some installation ex: matlab ....thts a big software so it takes up 100% of my CPU usage n then after 5 min it just freezes i often get tht nlue screen of death ........actually is there ne thing tht i can give it to u all so tht u all can analyze my system n then sort out probs plz help out n do reply .....thnx in advance

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well i think u might wanna start with posting ur pc spec...and is there enugh memory on ur pc to support ur applications like matlab? I know u mentioned that there is not any hardware issue but this could be the cause. Do let us know what spec is ur pc and then we can try to suggest something.


What RAM do you have along with what Graphics card you use. As coolraj003 said, put ur specs on otherwise we are in the dark to your problem!

assuming that you have an older pc with <512mb ram, you should add more ram, and if you have any cpu less than a p4, upgrade your cpu.

If you have no intent to spend a few $$ on ram and many $$ on a cpu, unfortanately, reinstalling windows and starting from scratch is the best way to go, though you could debug every trifle program and hardware device (while you could be starting fresh with a clean install) until you find the problem (if you find it). Same thing happened to me, upgraded to 2gb ram (for $28.99) and reinstalled windows (with a full data backup of files, music, photos, etc.) and my slow aluminum paperweight shot up like a rocket!!

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