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Hello Garud,

There are a number of online services that will help you create a blog within a matter of minutes, such as Xanga, but these come with the down-side that if you want it to be ad-free, you're likely going to have to pay an annual fee.

An alternative is to use a CMS like WordPress or a watered down Joomla installation. These are free of cost and pretty easy to install if you have easy access to the tools necessary to create a database (preferably MySQL). These are generally pretty simple to administer though you'd find that with a little time spent searching, there's actually a lot of really good documentation for more popular CMS and "blog" applications.



I really don't know a hill of beans about blogs either. I thought a blog is just a plain text file which is posted on someone's web site, such as DaniWeb's blog board. You could write it with Notepad.exe (on MS-Windows) if you want to.

Or, is Garud actually talking about how to create a web site that supports blogs ??


Make a website with articles that have a creation date on them. Don't change the articles once they're posted. That's a blog.

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