Ok to start off my pc is:
amd athlon 64 3800+ x2
1gb ram
asus a8n mobo
ati x1800gto o/c edition was geforce 6100 (problem part)
running on windows xp
I installed the new ati grafix ok about 3 months ago but never disabled the 6100 which was taking away some ram from the main system memory so today it thought i would disable it..... i did so by accessing the bios but then when it restarted it wouldnt do anything it go to initializing usb controllers thats as far as it gets its unresponsive however the dvd drive does open and the keyboard is ps/2. If i press del quickly it says Entering Setup and just stays at that screen can anyone please help me?


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Got it fixed had to remove bios battery should of thought of it sooner lol

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