I have an unused, fully functional PC running Windows 2000 that I would like to convert into a network server( It is for home use) Can you also tell me what OS I would need to install as well to run the PC as a server?



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what kind of server do you need exactly? servers have many purposes

It would be a home server for networking 6 computers. I was thinking that Windows Home Server would be suitable for it?

Home server is very limited and i think its OEM only.

Windows 2000 can handle up to 5 clients at a go

Cool, but how would i make the windows 2000 into a server?

Just enable file and print sharing

if want user to to be able to save file you should create directories for each user and give access then create limits on them ( so they dont eat up the hdd)

yes, windows 2000 actually has way better support for this than xp does as most users have home edition which is useless for network serving

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i have a vista, what would i need

a server

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