I'm with UK Be there. Since their maintainance work on 16 May I'm having random packets lost when using streaming media (online radio or TV, playing online games). When I loose some packets I will not get disconnected, router lights remain on, but I will be kicked from server or loose connection with radio. I called support, they asked me to do ping with 500 repeats and then trace route, but these did not show any problems. I fear they will close ticket as I do not have any proof about my problem. To make sure there is nothing wrong with router I swaped from my Netgear dg834gt to Be box, but problem remained and I lost 1Mb on speed. Now I'm back to Netgear again.

Does any of you know any ping monitoring tool that can run on background recording my current network situation in log file? So I can prove something is wrong with connection.

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if running a continuous ping brings concerns about performance, wait till you collect traffic with wireshark!
you will fill your hard drive in a day or two.


I made record between 2-3 hours which in total made 84MB. Large, but good as I have multiple occurence of disconnection. Now I just need to get my head around all the info I got there...

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