I work in a software company. Our company developed various software program. At the moment, our company decides to sell the source code of Network Monitor System and GPS/GPRS Vehicles Intelligence Management System. I don't think buying source code is wrong. For example, you want to develop a set of security software. It may at least take you two or three years to research and develop. If you buying other's source code, you can further develop, make more excellent one than original. Thus you can save lots of time to do other things. I believe it is good for programmers.
Recently, I browse many websites. I found there are a lot of websites for buying software products, but no for source code. I know many professional men visit this website. So I want to someone could help me, could give me some good advises. Thank you!

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There best thing is to get your product listed on a site where users can search for code. The site will list a review, pruce, contact detaails etc...

Check out the "Hotscripts" site to see what i mean. Its for web source, but you get the idea

What is the reason for trying to sell source code, it is equivalent to selling your company !
I smell piracy.

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no, its not, you are speaking crap ithelp

Thank you for your advises. I will try and do as you say. Thank you very much!

This is my job. I just want to try my best to do it well. I would like to know whether other people have good advises or do the same thing before or not. I'm a introverted girl. There is no possibility that I will do such thing.

alot of companies sell their source code. (for a reasonably larger markup than they would sell software) but alot do especially when products get upgraded the previous software becomes 'old-hat' and you will find alot of business will purchase source code. But yes for a stable consumer product in the market a company should not consider giving away there 3 years of development.

But as I know, my company intends to stop developing software programs. So it want to sell source code out. My company mainly developed software before, but now it begins to sale various software.

well then if you no longer require the source code and you had some sort of market base then i rekon a company would invest in purchasing the source code so long as it is relevant and well documented.

What do you mean? You know somewhere that I can sell my source code?

not to the general public. you need to find a company (usually a smallish business) who are looking to expand there products they would be the most likely to purchase source code. You just need to advertise it.

But what kind of website can advisetise this news? Do you know some?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Well, its's not a very good idea selling source code. It's selling copyright .

but they made the source code, so its thier copyright to sell isnt it

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