Hi Everyone;

I have a Statistic project. There i must calculate random samples, samples mean values, Construct Histograms, Construct confidence intervals for each sample mean etc..

I want to ask you that which programming language is suitable for this project to be coded. C, C#, C++ or any else programming languages?.. Because it is asked to make the program of this Project.

I hope i can explain, and i hope you can help me.

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Is it a requirement that you program this yourself?
Else I would say: Why not use excel? All the functionality described above can easily be implemented in Excel

Teacher want its program + Algorithm. In this case i must find any PL to code it.

The algorithm-part will be the same in all program-languages (except for some minor syntax-differences), but it's the visual aspect of this assignment that is the difficult part.

What languages do you know? You could even use PHP or JAVA, which will probably be better for the visual part then for example C.

No Matter for language. I just want to know which one is suitable. There i said about Histogram. Others are easy but the graph part make me think. I dont know which one of the languages support it. That i start from that.

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