I'm just wondering what online stores you guys use to buy new parts.

I've already checked out the following places:

If you guys have any other places that'll help me shorten my search time please let me know.

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Thanks, I'll give them a shot.

Be careful with Pricewatch-- there's a bunch of bait and switch business going on there. They try to fight it, but you'll see some piece of hardware going CRAZY cheap, but then they'll throw exorbitant shipping fees at you...

in the UK use novatech and maplin

Ebuyer is a good one, tend to be half the price of the high street for most things, also budpak is pretty good. If you're buying in bulk - if you had a store for instance, Alibaba would be good as well.

Dazza :cool:

I use CDW and NewEgg. Lately I've been buying things through my Dell Business rep.

eclispe-computers.com and novatech are two of the best!! maplins is to expensive for what it is but does have access to some kit that no others do!!

i use tigerdirect.com they have pretty good shipping time so i really aint mad there alright with prices as well

Don't forget to check overstock.com - you might be surprised at what shows up there.

I use Tiger direct almost exclusively, but Ebay has some very good deals.

Ebay is ok as long as you dont fall for a scammer seller. I use e-buyer very good and reliable.

play.com cheap, free delivery on everything, very competitive prices but not that much range for the stuff you can buy.

savapoint is another one but their prices are okish with very little range. You just have to be lucky to get a good deal on that site.


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