I would like to install Fedora 7 to my PC.
Currently my OS is Windows XP .
I won't like to remove XP rom my system.
Can any one help me?

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create new partition by deleting an existing partition.

by deleting a part of an existing partion,either by backing up a drive in your system.

I have a Fedora 7 DVD with me.
can anyone explain me with essential steps to install.
I do have 2 systems and in one of them I would like to install the Fedora .
help me.

restart your system after placing your DVD on the DVD drive .

ok then,tell me what to do now.

enter into the bios region using 'del'or'F1'or'F2' or 'F12' key as per your system configuration.It will be specified while booting starts.

ok.mine is 'del' key.
now I entered into the BIOS region.
What to do now?

Now using arrow keys navigate to 'boot' portion and change the primary drive to CD-ROM,if it is not specifed as that.

I have done that.
The option for the primary drive was changed to CD -ROM.
what to do now?

now navigate to Exit portion and exit after saving the new setting.
This will lead to rebooting of system.

after this re booting ,the DVD will be booted and a menu of installation ways are given.
1.to install by graphical interface
2.to install by text mode
3.to install by rescue mode
4.reboot the system.

(the exact wordings are not as given above.)

What I have to select from those?

Better you take the first option which is default.
this will lead you to a question to check your media CD.You can either check or skip this step.

OK .thank u

then after some questions,,the fedora asks you the language needed and typewriter language.
then a page to set your layout will come.
select create custom layout

ok , tell me more.

what next?

then in the next page you can see drives in your harddisk(s).
Select the drive you have freed up for installing Fedora.
Then click delete.
This will delete the existing partion in that drive.

done it,what next?

take the properties of the drive and change the first option to '/' and second to 'ext3'.
Then click ok and go to next page.

done that?

There was a warning at that time.
Can u help me?

I am not an Expert in Fedora,I'm helping u just bcoz I have installed Fedora once.
I think that warning advices you to select one more drive as swap drive.I don't know about it much.

ok you are helping me much..

now,after passing through next pages as mentioned,you will be asked for srarting installation of Fedora.

If you are doubtful,or in a double minded way and if you do not need to start installation,just power off the systm which will undo the done changes ,or else start installation.

ok,I need to install, so I am going to install it.
thankz for your help dude.

the installation may take several minutes.

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