my name is francesca. I am a 300 level student on IT for 6 months and this is my 3rd month.i am to resume school (covenant univerity nigeria) in september.i was just notified that i have to start posting my project topic as soon as possible, we were not given any possible topics to choose from. i need a list of possible project topics from any one and i mean anyone! if u have an idea on how to start up the project and how "implementable" it is please i will be very happy if you can send it to me.PLEASE ASAP!!!

A couple of points:

1. This is not the right forum to be asking such questions, it's just for saying hello and introducing yourself to the community.

2. If you expect an answer to a question then you have to ask something more specific than how long is a piece of string.

I suggest you have a rethink about exactly what it is you want to ask, then re-write the question accordingly and post it in an appropriate forum (so if what you are really asking is for ideas about a C++ coding project then post it in the C++ forum for example.)

Anyhoo, welcome to DaniWeb, Francesca.

Welcome , you can simulate a real life example (like airline reservation , hospital, library, govt) for your project assignment.

Glad to have you here! Additionally, my favourite are: cash register program & airline reservation.

ok let me be very specific here...i dont have an idea of the specific topic to choose and on what program to choose from.i am quite a novice in the programming languages,pls dont scold me.i need a list of possible project topics and on whatever programming language that is i clearer now?

on whatever programming language that is simplified

So if I tell you to do something in ADA, Assembley or Pascal you will happily do it, hmmm?
I do not think so! So please tell as what programming or scriptig languages you know (not just heard of, but being capable to do something with them), maybe some experience with databases so we can provide you with more descriptive ideas. Reason there are certaine advantages and disadvantages in using language for certain tasks...

ok, thanks peter, i am quite conversant with visual basic, and a lil bit of java though i am not so keen on java. so whatever u ideas you can come up with will be highly appreciated.

Hi francesca:
Welcome here.
Good luck with your endeavor.