I'm b-tech final year student and making final year on "Network Monitoring System",my platform is C#.net ,i have basic knowledge of C# and my query to all experts that...
what are the basic feature that i must include in my project and i want technical support...
I'm very dedicated towards my project so please give me some guideline.....

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Read about the currently existing monitoring tools, and work out what featureset you want to provide. Document clearly each requirement, and build them as modules.

Fortunately for you, if I were your professor I wouldnt accept a network monitoring system its a very easy project. But then, I guess you can be glad Im not :)


good evening sir...
do you really think '' network monitoring system" is an easy project the please tell me some challing topics..sutable 4 my CS-final year project...


Sir? oh come on.. does Liz sound like a guys name??

So, you've been studying computer science, you've been taught a large number of techniques, and strategies, and so on, and you cant think of something for yourself??

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