You read the title right! I'm new here, and my objective is to help people with problems they can't solve but I can!

First off, all of my stuff is at <URL snipped>Keyaku's Blog, where will exist a lot of helping articles!

Second off (:P), there's already one helping article in my blog to start off: THE ANTI-PORN REMOVE INSTRUCTION!
This will help you KILL successfully Anti-Porn in 4 long steps that I created!

Also, I really liked that you could donate me money in instructions that I give you (but right now, until the start of the 2009 summer, or later, let's keep everything for free, EXCEPT REALLY IMPORTANT ARTICLES!!!
But I'll never write important articles, so let's take off the exception (see, I'm a good guy!))

HAHA lol, do you really think I'm gonna ask ya money? I do it all for free! You can start telling me your porgram problems NOW so that I can help the world getting rid of problems they must have shared with you.

Enjoy, and thanks for colaborating with me!

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Welcome to DaniWeb.

>>Also, I really liked that you could donate me money in instructions that I give you
Oh me too -- me too. :)

:P yeah, but the part with the donating stuff, was just to scare people, hehehe... lol
of course I ain't opening a donating account only for giving instructions!

EDIT: Also, can I please put my link back? :O

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